Stand up paddling

Rivers and lakes around the SUP Ranch

Ūla river

Ūla is one of the most picturesque rivers in the region, therefore it’s extremely popular among the kayak travelers, and in recent years it has been gaining popularity in the stand up paddle community. Continental dunes, sandy slopes with uncovered pine tree roots, fallen trees and underwater rocks would make journey unforgettable. If you love places with a little hint of magic, you can stop by the the mysterious Ula’s eye, to taste the mysterious water source of health and beauty.

Stand up paddling down the Ūla river demands a lot of attention, and some skills to control the board in a curvy narrow passages and occasionally rapid stream thus it’s a true adventure.

Merkys river

This river is calm and better suited for the family trips. On the way you’ll enjoy the landscapes with little villages, birds and trees bending over the water. Merkys is friendly even for the beginner paddlers.