The guesthouse

The guest house is located amidst endless forests of southern Lithuania in the regional park. The place is ideal for the nature lovers and water adventure seekers: it’s surrounded by numerous lakes and rivers. Hiking, hunting mushrooms, kayaking, paddle boarding, discovering the traditional culture of the forest dwellers: these are only few of numerous ways to relax in an undiscovered region of poetic beauty.

You can rent an apartment that consists a bed room, a dinning room, a kitchen and a shower. We also offer separate rooms with the shared shower and restroom for the budget travelers.

The workshop

In the basement of the house we have a wood workshop with all the necessary tools for the handy guests. Not only you can relax and enjoy the nature, but we also invite you to disconnect from your daily problems with the woodcraft. You can use all the tools in the workshop for the fixed daily fee.

Woodcraft workshops

All year round we invite you to participate in our workshops and build beautiful things with the help of our skillful partners. You need a new and stylish item for your household? Considering buying a paddle board?  Instead of purchasing something built overseas using the cheap labour, you can produce something with your own hands. Want to try something new but have no experience? Check out our upcoming events. We work only with the small groups, so you will share the experience with the few fellows. After the rewarding work with wood, we can relax by stand up paddling in the beautiful Merkys river.

Stand up paddling & kayaking

Enjoy the river flow on a handcrafted paddle board. The nearby rivers are safe and relaxing water routes. You can exercise briefly choosing the 45 minutes paddle board ride down the stream to the SUP Ranch, but if you are keen on adventures, we can offer the longer and harder tours with or without the SUP instructor. If you prefer kayaks instead of paddle boards, just let us know.

Discovering the region from the water is a truly rewarding experience: a unique cultural landscape is shaped by little ancient wooden villages situated around the river banks amidst the seemingly endless pine forest.