The workshop

Woodcraft is a meditative activity that allows you to be fully engaged and makes you forget the daily problems. Seeing an item getting shaped by the warmth of your hands is an empowering experience. Our cozy workshop is located in the basement of the guest house. It contains all the necessary tools and equipment that let you build everything: from the little house-hold items to paddle boards and art objects.

The SUP Ranch Wood Workshop is space to a variety of disciplines, from carpenters to artists. You can access work space and professional equipment as well as the leisure areas of the guest house. You can use the workshop alone or join one of our woodcraft programs or mixed activities retreats. Everything you build here can be shipped to your home country. If you are new to tools, our staff will help you to figure out how to use them. Our place is surrounded by the beautiful pine forest, the source of inspiration, where every tree whispers magic spells; but only to the ones who listen.

Our vision

Our aim is to become a second home for the creative souls. Doesn’t really matter if you are familiar with the craft or not. Learning new skills and diving into a new, creative endeavor is the ultimate way to relax and forget daily problems. Not everybody have a space and tools to build stuff, but everybody have a potential and ability to create and shape objects. It looks like a simple activity, but it requires focus, attention to details, some basic knowledge and some thinking.

Why DIY is so useful?

In our daily lives, we often struggle with negative and disruptive things. It’s not surprising, because we developed the information driven society and the economy, that is not sustainable. It requires enormous amounts of mental and physical effort to meet or to resist the criteria of success, imposed on us by the education system, media, social networks, families. We live busy lifes, trying to cope with the information overflow, to buy things, to create the personal image of success. It all comes with the price: depression, prescription drugs, substance abuse, addictions, high suicide rate, health problems.

Impressive scientific advances in brain research suggest, that only busy and challenged brain is able to function properly. To feel good, we have to push ourselves away from the comfort zone a little bit. Only being focused, engaged, and busy, at the same time not overwhelmed by stress, we can enjoy the quality of life. In the United States woodcraft workshops are being used for therapeutic purposes to help the war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Woodcraft fully engages the brain, gives positive emotional feedback, have calming and stress relief properties.

You don’t need to be a war veteran to build a table, a drawer, or a paddle board. Sure, you can buy one: but shaping things instead of buying them in IKEA positively rewires the brain. You prepare the pieces of wood for whatever you are trying to build, and slowly assembly them. Every stage of object’s transformation floods your brain with dopamine and motivates you to work even harder. Then eventually you have something, that you have built yourself, and every time you see or use the item, it inspires you to do more beautiful things. Doesn’t have to be wood: you just know, that you posses the power that is able to create, transform and reshape things. Isn’t that the best gift for yourself?

Stand up paddle boards

The workshop have originated from the stand up paddle board rental business. Instead using only boards produced overseas, we have built some ourselves. And we loved them! Not only they work well, but we also got a kick from the process of slowly crafting these simple but exciting vessels. Building a hollow wood paddle board is simple enough for everybody without the prior experience, but at the same time it’s hard enough, to give the great sense of accomplishment. Stand up paddling itself is a great sport, but enjoying it on the board you produced yourself, is a new level of engagement in the sport. If you love stand up paddling and would like to ride the board you have built yourself, check up the upcoming workshops.